write 60 lines of code for the data collection project

There is a game called Animal Crossing, one of the popular event in this game is called Buy and Sell Turnips. It looks like the stock market.

Tthere’s some sort of turnip market in the game. Basically, you can buy turnips on Sunday for a given price, and then you will have opportunities to sell your turnips over the upcoming week. If you don’t sell them by next Sunday, you lose them (and thus materialize your loss). You get two screen prices every day, one in the AM and one in the PM. So, you’ll get 12 prices from Monday to Saturday.

All you need to do is to create 60 lines of codes to present the turnip market ( how to buy and sell ) process.

You don’t need to write very complicated code, just use simple codes to explain the process.

For example: Print (….)

1. The first file is the outline of the process ( how do our group want to explain it)

Please Focus on Part #2

2. The second link is the detailed explanation of turnips market . (The codes mentioned in the article are complicated, just create simple codes.)

I will provide more sources for you to understand the turnip market.


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