Work-Related Learning (WRL) has one (1) summative component

Work-Related Learning (WRL) has one (1) summative component

FdSc Supporting Innovation in
Health and Social Care
Work Related Learning, Module Level 4, Term 1, 20 credits
Assessment Brief
(November 2020 intake, LSC London)

Assessment Brief

The assessment for Work Related Learning (WRL) has one (1) summative component:
Individual Report (weighted 100%)
LO1. Review the nature of the Health and Social Care sector or industry in its wider context and specific environment.

LO2. Demonstrate the prospects of entering into a chosen sector or industry as a career pathway.

LO3. Examine the structure, culture and function of an organisation.

LO4. Examine the relationship between the organisation and its stakeholders.

Collate an individual report (of not more than 2500 words) which assesses the health and social care sector, taking into account the current situation of the CoVid19 pandemic. Explore how this has impacted the career prospects for health and social care. Evaluate an organisation as an exemplar to justify your stand by applying the theories and models learned from this module.

Assessment Weighting Criteria (100%)
The following assessment criteria will be used to mark the assessment activities:

Assessment Criteria Indicative weighting
An overview of literatures on the health and social care sector with discussions on the wider context of the CoVid19 pandemic 30%
Providing an example of chosen organisation and analysing its functions and stakeholders 30%
Discussion on the prospects of entering into the chosen sector as a career pathway 20%
Evidence of coherent structure and judgements made and conclusion drawn supported by relevant models / theories 10%
Evidence of ability to independently research the topic and make effective use of relevant and up to date academic sources 5%
Present the report in an acceptable format. Within the specified length of 2500 words, to Level 4 academic standard of English and correctly referenced using the Harvard system. 5%

All assignment will be submitted in electronic format and uploaded to LSC Portal on Turnitin
Date assignment set 21/11/2020
Submission deadline date 8th March 2021
Return date to students 5th April 2021

Module expectations

What can you expect from your lecturer?

• High quality teaching
• Accessible academic support
• Fair and accurate assessment of your work
• Assessment feedback within 4 weeks of the submission date
• Provision of detailed feedback on your assessment that clearly indicates where you have met or not met the criteria
• Provision of detailed feedback that helps you identify what you can do to improve future assessment performance

What is expected of you?

• Attendance at all taught sessions
• Active participation in teaching, learning and assessment activities
• Make effective and timely use of the available academic support including the module tutor, the VLE, the Student Intranet, Learning resource Centre, online resources and the HE Academic Support Tutor
• Make effective use of formative assessment opportunities
• Submit assessed work on time (unless you have an agreed extension in place)
• Read and make use of the assessment feedback provided on summative work to improve your future assessment performance
• Make sure that you understand the assessment regulations that apply to your course. They can be accessed via the Student Intranet.
• Early identification of any concerns or issues you have with the module leader/course leader, curriculum manager of head of school.
• Contribute to the module evaluation
Reading Lists

Essential Reading Background Reading
Cottrell.S (2013). The Study Skills Handbook. Palgrove 4th ed.

Field. R. (2016). Management and Supervision in Health and Social Care. Learning Matters 2nd Ed.

Glowby. J (2017). Understanding Health and Social Care. 3rd Ed. Policy Press.


Mullins, L. J. (2010). Management & Organisational Behaviour. 9th edition. Harlow: Pearson Education.

McDrury, J. (2003) Learning through storytelling in higher education: using reflection and experience to improve learning. London: Kogan Page.

Peck, J. (2005) The student’s guide to writing: grammar, punctuation and spelling. 2nd ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (Palgrave study guides).
Other resource needs essential for delivery of this module:

Suitable Learning environment, ICT Access

Assessment feedback from your lecturer is a really useful resource to reflect upon in further improving future assignment marks and performance. You may find it useful to use the format below to record your highlights of lecturer assessment feedback for each assignment in this module. This will enhance further your academic and learning performance throughout your course.
Assignment Number Your highlights of lecturer feedback on this assignment Actions you will take to further improve your academic performance








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