Why Social Media so Easily turns Nasty and how to avoid being Dragged along

As soon as you or any one starts saying hurtful things on social media it quickly escalates and never de-escalates.
Social media is a very bad tool for convincing other people they are wrong.
Social media is an entirely inadequate tool for calming a situation down.
You will be held accountable for what you say and what you “like”. What you say (and “like”) on social media can come back to haunt you. It is always potentially public. So I would suggest you follow the grandmother rule (“If you wouldn’t want your grandmother seeing what you’re about to do, then don’t do it.”)
Rather than respond in kind, respond by removing yourself. You do not even have to tell them you have left. Taking yourself out of a chat group is always easy. It should not make you feel like you are missing out.
When people start saying nasty things on social media it is not long before they sexism/racism/islamophobia/homophobia/anti-Semitism etc emerges. Do not get caught up in it. Leave.
You are better than all this nastiness.


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