Why People Leave Suicide Notes

Choose topic A or B.

Topic A: Grisostomo’s suicide, two well developed paragraphs

Why do people leave suicide notes?

Why does Grisostomo leave one (in the form of a poem)? See Grisostomo’s Song, ch. XIV, pp. 94-97. What does the poem reveal about his feelings? Be specific. Point to specific stanzas and quote and analyze specific words and /or lines.


Topic B: Marcela’s self-defense, two well developed paragraphs

In 2018, Michele Carter was convicted of manslaughter through text-messaging in the death of her boyfriend. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg_NWHMCEtg for more information about the case.

In Cervantes’ pastoral tale, Marcela, like Michele Carter, is accused of being “murderous” (87), and Grisostomo’s suicide note (his poem) is used as evidence by his friends. At his funeral, which some critics have compared to a courtroom setting, she suddenly appears to speak in her own defense. How does Marcela defend herself against charges that she is responsible for Grisostomo’s suicide? Does her counter-argument convince you? Explain.

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