Why Is The Inside Of A Neuron More Negative Than The Extracellular Environment


Discuss the role of the kidney in water balance in the loop of Henle (800 words)Why is the inside of a neuron more negative than the extracellular environment? O Both sodium and potassium are positive, so by keeping them both out of the cell you create a relatively positive ext relatively negative) Potassium, entering via Nak pumps, is negative and is pumped into the cell; Sodium (positively charged) is pumped O Potassium leak channels ensure the constant slow flow of positively-charged potassium to the outside of the cell Nak pumps and leak channels ensure that there positively charged ions on the outside of the cell than on the inside QUESTION 20 Action potentials are unidirectional, and always travel from: Myelin sheath to myelin sheath O Cell body to Nissl body Dendrite to cell body Receptive end to secretory end QUESTION 21 What pumps help to maintain the ionic imbalance across the neuronal plasma membrane on a normal baseline basis? O ATP-driven Nak pumps only ATP-driven Nak pumps and potassium leak channels O Sodium leak channels only Passive Nak pumps and sodium leak channels QUESTION 22 What converts the action potential signal to a chemical signal? An action potential reboots at every Node of Ranvier, bundling neurotransmitter vesicles The action potential in the axon will open up voltage-gated channels in the axon hillock The action potential in the axon will open ligand-gated calcium channels, which stimulate neurotransmitter to be bundle O The action potential ultimately stimulates exocytosis of neurotransmitter QUESTION 23 Overwhelmingly, your neurons are: O Multipolar O Bipolar O Polypluripotent Unipolar QUESTION 24 in which scenario might the parasympathetic nervous system take charge? You are sexually aroused You are having a panic attack You are taking a standardized test You are startled when a raccoon jumps on you in the night (17!?!?

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