Why Ethics Hotline Submissions Should(Not) Be Signed Or Be Anonymous

There are two short answer questions and each one needs two sources. One is provided for each question. Each answer needs to be 150-200 words

The citation that can be used for both short answer is Collins, D. J. (2018). Interactive: Business Ethics Interactive eBook.

Short answer #1
ECP Framework and Organization Ethical Culture

Read Johnson’s (2015) ECP Theoretical Framework (located in the Week Four Documents and Resources folder).

DISCUSS: How would you compare and analyze the case studies discussed in Johnson (2015) and what Collins (2019) describes as Organization Ethical Culture and Organizational Trust (in Chapter 6)?
Support your answer.

APPLY: Share an example (professional setting) of a time where you observed another person’s ethical reasoning/ decision making that led to a positive or negative outcome, affecting members of the organization or its consumers.

Short Answer #2

In Collins (2019), read “What Would you Do? Signed or Anonymous”

After reading, address the following:
1. Should Ethics hotline submissions be signed or be anonymous? Why or Why not?
2. What ethical decision are those who determine the guidelines for the hotline faced with?

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