What role does ethnocentrism play in the destruction of other cultures?

Answer the following questions in 3-4 pages (double space. Make sure to utilize the concepts covered in the class in your analysis. When referencing ideas from the textbooks or from other sources (films, videos, books etc…) be sure to use APA citation style (link is provided below). Include a reference list and in-text citations. Your reflection should be written in an essay style (with an introductory paragraph, upwards of 3-5 middle paragraphs and conclusion). Your assessment rubric is attached at the bottom of the page so please look at it carefully. Your assignment is due at the beginning of class.


*Use your reflection journal (to help you begin writing this paper-but please do not hand in your reflection journal. That is personal and for your use only).

•      Question: What role does ethnocentrism play in the destruction of other cultures?

•      You can refer to the video below if you would like in order to help present you analysis:

•      Wade Davis : Dreams from Endangered Cultures

•      https://www.ted.com/talks/wade_davis_on_endangered_cultures?language=en


Ethnocentrism: is the idea that one’s own group’s way of thinking, being, and acting in the world is superior to others. (Sorrel, 2013, p.13)

u Ethnocentrism -The assumption that one’s own group is superior to others leads to negative evaluations of others and can result in dehumanization, legitimization of prejudices, discrimination, conflict, and violence. Historically and today, ethnocentrism has combined with power-material, institutional, and symbolic power-to justify colonization, imperialism, oppression, war, and ethnic cleansing. (Sorrel, 2013, p.14)

Assessment Rubric

Name:                                                             Student Number:                                         Date:


Writing to Reflect



Needs Improvement




/ 4

·        Reflection is well-explained, with clear understandable details

·        It provides an in-depth analysis of the ideas presented


·        Reflection is explained, with a basic level of understandable details

·        It provides an analysis that requires more depth of the ideas presented


·        Reflection is not well-explained and lacks clear and understandable details

·        It does not provide an in-depth analysis of the ideas presented



Utilizes concepts covered in the course


/ 3

·        Utilizes concepts covered in the course within the reflection in a way that is cohesive and substantive

·        Utilizes concepts covered in the course within the reflection in a vague way

·        Does not refer to the concepts covered in the course





/ 4

·        Well organized, intro, middle and conclusion


·        Fair, general intro

·        Unclear organization

·        Sufficient conclusion

·        Intro too blunt or vague

·        Issues with organization

·        Lacking conclusion


APA format


/ 4

·        All references to material textbook or otherwise are cited correctly using APA format both in-text citations and reference list

·        All materials from textbooks and outsides sources has been cited in the text

·        There are some errors with the references and in text citations

·        Citing and reference list were very problematic.

·        Citing and references were minimal and problematic


/ 15 marks


Major Grammatical Issues

Minor Grammatical Issues

·        Run-on sentence; comma splice

·        Lack of subject-verb agreement

·        General wordiness / omissions

·        Inappropriate word choice and tone

·        Overall lack of mature sentence structure

·        Pronoun errors (unclear reference, agreement)

·        Punctuation error

·        Incorrect or imprecise word choice

·        Problem with capitals or number use

Deduction of 5 -10%

Deduction of up to 5%

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