What Is The Resting Membrane Potential Of The Average Neuron


What is the resting membrane potential of the average neuron? -85mV -55mV 0+30mV O -70mV QUESTION 14 Since potassium channels are slow to close, after repolarization the membrane potential dips a little lower than it is at baseline. This is called QUESTION 15 Each axon has: One axon, which necessarily branches extensively into dendritic axons One axon, which may branch One axon, which has one primary axon terminal One axon, and one axon only QUESTION 16 The purpose of dendrites is to: Increase the necessary depth of the synaptic cleft Increase the permeability of the receptive end of the plasma membrane Increase the surface area of teh secretory end of the cell Increase the surface area of the receptive end of the cell QUESTION 17 At which of the following voltages could a new action potential be generated? +10mV O Omv O-60mV O -70mV QUESTION 18 Which neuroglial cells are thought to exacerbate traumatic brain injuries as a result of their cleanup efforts? O Satellite cells O Microglia Astrocytes Ependymal cells

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