What does it Imply when a Process is “Out of Control”


As an auditor auditing an HHA for a company, you would want to see evidence of: a. Material use and quantity b. An organizational chart Sales Department Policies d. Accounting Responsibilities C. Q2: When developing an HHA, you need to be aware of the following hazards: a. Chemical b. Ergonomic C. Biological d. Physical e. All of the above Q3: When results of CAR are ineffective the auditor must: a. Post their displeasure on the client’s Twitter feed b. Negotiate renewed effort to complete C. Tell them how to fix the problem d. Stop buying that client’s product Q4: When a process is “out of control”, it implies What? a. An unstable amount of variation b. A predictable amount of variation c. It’s subject to only one type of variation d. All of the above e. None of the above

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