What are the specific reporting requirements

1. Provide an overview of the client’s business and industry in which it operates. (5 marks) 2. What are the significant business and audit risks for mining companies? You need to explain at least FIVE (5) risks. (5 marks) 3. What are the specific reporting requirements (standards and/laws or regulations) for mining companies. You need to list FIVE (5) standards and /laws or regulations). (5 marks) 4. Referring to the financial statements data for 2016 and 2015 from the annual report, analyse the year-to-year changes in the account balances for at least five financial statement line items of concern. (5 marks) ï‚· Explain why you have identified these particular items. 5. The company has again made losses in 2016 ï‚· Using the annual report calculate at least five common ratios that are useful to assess going concern status. (5 marks) ï‚· Explain the possible financial difficulties that the company could incur

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