What Are Anatomic Characteristics Of The Glomerulus That Make It A Great Filter


What are two anatomic characteristics of the glomerulus that make it a great filter.Names and locations Fill in the charts by indicating the specific region of the body supplied (if an artery) or drained (if a vein). NOT what a vein drains into but what it drains (region or vessel). C. Definitions: a.-artery, a.a =arteries, V.Svein, v.v.sveins D. “Not seen” means not seen on models. But students should still be able to identify these vessels on pictures or diagrams. REMEMBER! ARTEIES SUPPLY AND VEINS DRAIN coronary artery & vein Example: Coronary Arteries supply all of the heart muscle Coronary Veins drain all of the heart muscle pulmonary artery pulmonary vein Aorta brachiocephalic artery (Not seen, below SVC) common carotid arteries subclavian arteries Spinal cord Pupper part) brainstem, cerebellum and brain posterior area vertebral artery internal carotid arteries (Not seen) external carotid arteries facial arteries axillary arteries brachial arteries radial arteries ulnar arteries celiac trunk (artery) hepatic arteries splenic artery gastric arteries superior mesenteric artery renal arteries inferior mesenteric artery common iliac arteries external iliac arteries

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