USE TEXTBOOK =Johnson, C. E. & Hackman, M. Z. (2018). Leadership: A communicatio

USE TEXTBOOK =Johnson, C. E. & Hackman, M. Z. (2018). Leadership: A communication perspective (7thEd.). Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.
1. Start your paper off with a short introductory paragraph
2. In the first part of your paper, respond to the following about groups:
a. Describe how you think a leader can influence [both for good and bad] each part of Tuckman’s model of group evolution.
b. Compare Tuckman’s model to Poole’s model and explain how you feel leadership fits in each.
c. If you wanted to emerge as a group’s leader, what would you do?
3. For this section, I would like you to watch this video by Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh. He has built an entire organization around culture. In this video, he describes the Zappos core values and how he hires for culture. I would you like to critique his presentation using material from the chapter on leading organizations. What do you think about the Zappos’ approach to hiring for culture? Do you think that this is an effective strategy?

4. In the last part of your video, I would like you to continue with your leadership self-assessments. How do these scores reflect your own perspective on leading groups, teams, and organizations? How do these scores help influence your perspective on public leadership? Are you satisfied with your assessment? Do these assessments provide you with a more complete picture of you as a leader? Provide some detail (don’t forget to give your raw scores):
USE TEXTBOOK =Johnson, C. E. & Hackman, M. Z. (2018). Leadership: A communication perspective (7thEd.). Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.
a. Meeting Leader Skills (p. 225) [Note: there is no raw score for this…just give your reflection on the evaluation]
b. Communication Style Inventory (p. 274)
c. Organization-Public Relationship Instrument (p. 297) [Note: pick your favorite retail company to complete this on!]
d. Nonverbal Immediacy Scale (p. 307)
Make sure to include some detail in your responses and your understanding of each of these concepts. Make sure to include your actual scores!
5. End your paper with a brief conclusion by talking briefly about how you feel this course has been for you in reflecting on leadership. We are quickly approaching the end of the class, so this is a great time to do some additional reflection as we get close to the last week.

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