Unit 4 Power Point

Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation
Judicial Research
Unit IV discussed judges. To learn more about these individuals who are involved in the court system select and research a judge who is currently serving on the courts in your state or local area. You are required to use at least four sources for this assignment (at least one should be from the CSU Online Library). Other sources could include newspapers magazines or professional journals.
Your research could include:
the background and education of the judge
how the judge was selected for the court in which he or she presides
the training of the judge
challenges the judge has faced in his or her career (this could involve a particular case that was a challenge)
recent cases or
your opinion whether this judge was adequately prepared for the position.
Present your research in a PowerPoint Presentation of at least 10 slides (not including the title and references slides). All sources used including the textbook must be cited and referenced according to APA style.

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