Unit 4 Assessment

Question 1
Which term often describes judges meaning they are generally tasked with resolving any legal matter that comes before the court?
Bench heroes
Gavels of justice
Men in black
Triers of law
Question 2
The time before a person becomes a judge is known as __________. It arms aspiring judges with much of the information they will need for their future job.
anticipatory socialization
judicial collective
Question 3
Which of the following is concerned solely with identifying judges who are qualified intelligent and who will do the job well?
Arbitrary selection
Merit selection
Qualified selection
Nepotistic selection
Question 4
The __________ Model Code of Judicial Conduct was adopted in 1972 and replaced the Canon of Legal Ethics which was created some 50 years earlier.
Commonwealth Association of Judges
American Bar Association
Federal Judicial Center
Criminal Defense Lawyer Association
Question 5
Until the presidency of Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) less than what percentage of district judges were female?
Question 6
Match each extralegal factor that influences the charging decision with the correct description.
Limited prosecution resources
Lack of motivation to pursue a case
Desire to win
Case brought to prosecutors attention by police or victim
Victim/offender race
Victim/offender sex
In general prosecution is more likely when the offender is nonwhite and the victim is white
The possible lack of resources to charge offenders accused of minor crimes due to excess of serious crimes
Prosecutors hate to lose and a burning desire to secure a conviction can influence a charging decision
Particularly true of domestic violence cases in which the government sometimes hesitates to intervene in family affairs
Citizen-invoked complaints of domestic violence stand a slim change of producing criminal charges because of their lower visibility
In domestic violence cases charges are more likely to be filed against male rather than female perpetrators
Question 7
Discuss the four ethical dilemmas defense attorneys face. How should each be handled in your opinion? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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