unit 3 writing assignment roman hero

Write a response that answers one or more of the following questions regarding today’s readings:

  •  What are the main qualities of the Roman hero? (You will want to reference the “Introduction to the Aeneid” in the McAllister text to help answer this question.) How does Aeneas embody these qualities?
  •  How do the qualities of the Roman hero differ from those of biblical heroes? Are there any similarities?
  •  Using inferences from reading the excerpts from the Aeneid and the introduction from World Literature from a Christian Perspective, explain how Aeneas’s ideas of duty and piety conflict with his personal relationships with characters like Dido. In the Roman view, which is more important—one’s relationships with individuals or one’s relationship to the collective?

o Requirements: Your response should adhere to APA formatting and be 350 words in length.

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