Twelve Step Programs and Mutual Aids Groups

Twelve Step Programs and Mutual Aids Groups
Discussion Board Assignment Guidelines
These guidelines mirror your syllabus and apply to all discussions for this course.
Respond to each discussion question/topic with a meaningful and thoughtful response.
Your initial post should have 250-500 words, and it is due by the due date listed.
Remember, you may assume a conversational style on the discussion boards. You can use first-person references such as ‘I’ and ‘my.’ For example, your discussion responses can say, ‘What I found was…’ and ‘In my experience, I learned that…’ or, ‘What I was left wondering was…’
For your initial post, be sure to support your dialog by including a citation from an outside scholarly source (i.e., a source that you have secured from the professional literature, beyond those just assigned for the module).
Respond to at least three of your peer’s comments by the end of this module with an additional 50+ words each. In your response to your peers’ comments, issue additional thoughtful, original, and reflective comments, asking follow-up questions. Respectfully encourage a variety of viewpoints and invite contributions from others.
Your written work should demonstrate graduate-level skill, including critical thinking.
Please proofread your discussion posts and comments before sending them. You will not be able to edit/delete your posts/comments once they have been submitted. You may reply to your own post with additional information.
Please do not use the bold text function in your posts. You may underline or italicize for organization or emphasis if you like.
That said…!
Twelve-Step Program
What surprised you the most about the 12-step program?
What myths and misconceptions were dispelled by these readings?
Report at least one thing you feel you still do not understand about the 12-step philosophy.
Looking just at the first step of the 12 steps, identify and state which of the DSM-5’s 11 diagnostic criteria in alcohol use disorder you think share a conceptual basis with this step. Explain.
About that first step…someone once said it is half of the 12 steps.  What were they getting at?
Finally, just for the fun of it, what three steps are your favorite and how come? This can be brief.
Miller et al. (2019). Electronic Book. The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine (6th ed). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer Section 9, Chapt 76:  Twelve Step programs

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