Trends In The Classical Studio Era

For this discussion , select a 7-10 minute set of scenes from Casablanca. Please watch a continuous timed set of scenes, as opposed to jumping around. You’re thinking about how sound track elements change with scene shifts. (You can watch via the Swank platform, supported at UNT Libraries.) For your individual discussion contribution, please complete the following:
Identify the section of Casablanca that you analyzed and then reference specific time marks where a change in the sound track elements occur. (List format is fine!)

In 100-150 words, how do these sound track effects relate to larger trends in the classical studio era (1932-1950)? (Please include at least two specific quotations from Chapter 7, Hearing the Movies that support your arguments!)

In 150-200 words, what are your big conclusions regarding these sound track elements? How do these sound elements connect with the characters and with the larger narrative? Are there moments where the sound is largely decorative, or is it all intertwined with the narrative ideals?

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