Threat, vulnerability, safeguard and target.


Define threat, vulnerability, safeguard and target. Give an example (do not use examples in the book) of each. Explain the types of the threats and security losses. How do laws like GLBA, HIPPA and PCI DSS protect consumers?
What is the goal of IS security? Explain why it is difficult to know the true cost, magnitude and impact of computer crime. List and explain the three procedures that all companies should have in place for each type of information system. Select a company, review their security policy and summarize three things in the policy that stood out to you the most and why.
Senior management should be aware of security threats. Describe two security functions senior management should address. What steps should an organization take when balancing risk and cost? How can human safeguards protect against security threats? Define and explain firewall. Why is malware a serious problem?
Search the Web for the term computer crime and any other related terms. Identify what you think are the FIVE most serious recent (no later than 6 months ago) examples. Create a chart (using Word or Excel) with your findings. Findings should include date(s) of the crime, summary, safeguards that were not in place or ineffective in preventing the crimes.

List the five primary functions of the IS department. Name the four groups found in a typical reporting relationship. Name the four groups found in a typical IS department and explain the major responsibilities.
Explain the importance of strategic alignment as it pertains to IS planning. Explain why maintaining alignment can be difficult. Define CIO, CTO, CSO and CISO.
Define outsourcing. Explain how Drucker’s statement “Your backroom is someone else’s front room” pertains to outsourcing. Create a table (if created in Excel, please copy into Word doc) to summarize the management advantages, cost advantages and risks of outsourcing. Explain why international outsourcing can be advantageous.
Read the security guide on pages 438-439. Respond to discussion question 2 on page 439

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