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Source: Manly, Bryan F.J. Multivariate Statistical Methods: A Primer, Third Edition, CRC Press,07/2004.Page 1 of 1Tutorial – Week 6 (FA)Question 1:a) Describe the Varimax and Promax rotations including the key difference between them.For which would you interpret the structure or pattern matrix?b) From the lecture notes convert the component loadings for MAN to factor loadings forthe first 4 factors and calculate the communality and uniqueness? Interpret your results.c) What is a Heywood case and an ultra-Heywood case and what causes them?d) Briefly explain the difference between EFA and CFA and what the Chi Square GoF test istesting.Question 2:Complete the exercise at the end of Chapter 7 of Manly using the data file ‘protein.txt’.Note: you will need to exclude the first and last column from the data set.a) Perform whatever methods you feel would be appropriate before starting PCA to selectfactors.b) Perform PCA and choose the number of factors to proceed with. Use the prcomp PCAmethod.c) Perform EFA on the components you chose in part b). Use the Psych package fafunction with the ml factoring method. Try using both the varimax and promaxrotations. Include the Chi Square GoF test.d) Perform parallel analysis using the Psych package. Explain what the results mean andhow they might influence your analysis.

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