The Steps Taken To Investigate Violations Of Consumer Rights

Address, at a minimum, the following:

The legal protections afforded to consumers by these bodies
The rules/laws/regulations that these bodies apply/enforce to provide those protections
The steps that are taken to investigate/enforce violations of consumer rights
The penalties that may be imposed for violating these rules/laws/regulations
The “real” impact and significance of their activities on U.S. commerce
Cite 3-5 cases along with brief, case summaries to present examples of how at least one of these bodies (and their rules/laws/regulations) has protected a consumer.
Anything else that you can add

Guidelines for Submission:
Follow the appropriate rules for citation as they apply to your discipline
APA for business students
Uniform Bluebook of Citations for paralegal and legal studies students
To fully address the main points of this Act, at least five pages would be required (not including cover page or reference page)

At least five credible sources are required (i.e. scholarly or professional, not wiki sites)
Submit as a Word Document, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Point Font with 1″ Margins

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