The Role Of Women During The 1830s – 1880s

Topic: Emily Dickinson
The Role of Women during the 1830s – 1880s
Explain women’s role in American politics and society
Explain the Women’s Suffrage Movement including dates and key players

For this assignment, your small group will be required to create and present a PowerPoint or Prezi about a specific American writer while also addressing one assigned topic about American literature, culture or history from the same era.

Your presentation should include the following:

A short biography about the writer highlighting notable and/or interesting events or accomplishments during his or her life.

Key information about your group’s assigned topic.

Two connections between the writer or the topic and modern day America (consider if the writer
reminds you of a modern figure or if certain ideas from over 100 years ago recur today).

A thoughtful arrangement of your research and analysis so that it both enhances your classmates’
understanding and adds interest.

Citations for your research;
Before beginning this assignment, ensure that your group sets goals, deadlines, and establishes roles so that the work is equally distributed.
5-10 minutes long roughly

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