The Rituals And Core Beliefs Of Christianity

Create a 10-slide presentation comparing 2 of the following branches of Christianity:


Include a brief history of the 2 religious traditions and a comparison of their approaches to the Bible. Some concepts to include are: Pick only 3 to address out of the 4, and please give ‘your’ view on these issues along the way.

Examples of art
Central symbols of the faith
Rituals and core beliefs
View of Salvation.

Please give your assessment in a conclusion slide of the assignment.

And you should have an introductory slide, stating your thesis view (your opinion), and areas that will be addressed, which would simply be 3 of the bullets above.

6 by 6 Guideline: In PowerPoint presentations, this guideline means slides in general should have no more than 6 words across and 6 rows down. And detailed description should be placed in the note section below the main slide.


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