The Purpose Of “My Life As Undocumented Immigrant” By Jose Antonio Vargas

My life as undocumented immigrant by Jose Antonio Vargas

What is the author’s claim/thesis?
Who is the author’s target audience?
What is the purpose of the essay? Is the author writing to entertain, persuade or inform?
Which persuasive techniques does the author use (ethos, logos, pathos)?
Is the essay effective? Why or why not?

Audience: Montgomery College students- Your ENGL102 peers

Purpose: To analyze the claim, purpose, persuasive techniques and effectiveness of an argument

Evaluation: Remember, there are 4 parts to this assignment: analyzing the purpose of the essay (claim), analyzing its audience, analyzing the persuasive techniques used, and your assertion of whether you believe the argument is effective– explaining why or why not. Your essay should be well organized with transitions that help to draw connections between the above-mentioned elements. This is a formal essay. Please be mindful of grammar, mechanics, spelling and format.

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