The Principle Of Time Division Multiplexing

Question: Answer any TEN of the following questions.
1. How are multiplexers different from switchers?
2. Name the basic types of multiplexers?
3. Name the advanced features that can be incorporate into multiplexers.
4. Describe the principle of time division multiplexing.
5. Describe the significance of camera ID number in case of multiplexing operation.
6. Describe how a quad multiplexer works.
7. What do you understand by picture in a picture in relation to multiplexer.
8. Explain how a multi-picture mosaic display is generated.
9. Why do you need encoder and decoder along with multiplexer?
10. Describe the concept of time lapse recording mode.
11. Compare the performance of duplex multiplexer with that of triplex multiplexer.
12. How is digital recording different from analog recording?
13. Describe how video motion detection can be incorporated in to a multiplexer.
14. What external alarm sensors can be incorporated in to multiplexer?
15. Describe the concept of remote distributed multiplexing.
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