The Necessary Tasks Of Mourning

As we come to the end of your course, it is important to discuss the impact of grief and loss on those who have experienced loss in their life. Grief is a normal part of experiencing death and is experienced in many forms. It is critical to understand the symptoms and available support to help someone in this process.

Discuss how the seven stages of grieving can be applied to losses through divorce, moving from one place to another, or the amputation of a limb (arm or leg).
Describe the four necessary tasks of mourning. What are some of the practical steps one can take in accomplishing each of these tasks?
What might cause children to react differently to the death of a grandparent?
What “losses” are especially difficult in the death of a spouse and identify one community resource available to grieving families in your community?

Guided Response: Use a minimum of one scholarly source.

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