The Most Important Things To Remember When Planning For Classroom Transitions


  • Analyze causes of misbehavior
  • Examine strategies to intervene at the lowest level to effectively solve a problem
  • Design a plan to effectively manage student behavior
  • Explain how your classroom behavior plan establishes a classroom characterized by respect, compassion, and high expectations for behavior and achievement


  • Behavior management plans
  • Classroom management plan
  • How to create a classroom behavior plan

Before responding to this prompt, please read:

The only classroom rules you’ll ever need

Just right classroom rules can create positive learning environment

30 classroom procedures to head off behavior problems

Classroom routines

Perfect transitions

Classroom transitions – teachable skill


What will you call your classroom guidelines (rules, classroom contract, class promises, etc,)

How many guidelines will you create? (Three to five guidelines are acceptable) List and explain your classroom guidelines.

Discuss the most important things to remember when planning for classroom transitions?  Please list and explain at least 3 transitions you will provide.

Completely outline at least three classroom procedures.

Your explanation should demonstrate a deep understanding of the readings and provide the “why”.

Helpful hints:

Avoid overusing “I” in every sentence; it is obvious that these are your beliefs.

Use in-text citations from the articles or other resources to support your statements.

12 pt. font, Times New Roman 2-3 pages double spaced

Be sure to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation and 7th edition APA style formatting.

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