The Methods Of Data Analysis

Complete the Critical Article Review for the below Article.
Marketing Concerns In Small Business
Burns, Paul. Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Start-up. Growth and Maturity. Macmillan International Higher Education, 2010.

Study Purpose Discuss the purpose of the study and the problem(s) studied and/or research question(s) identified. Literature Provide a summary of the literature review discussed in the study. Was the background literature reviewed relevant to the study’s purpose? Research Design Discuss the design of the research study by responding to the following questions:

What are the hypotheses or research questions being addressed?
Describe the method(s) used to answer the research questions or support/reject the hypotheses.
Discuss the sampling method(s) used.
Are the participants described in adequate detail?
Was the sampling method appropriate to the study purpose?
Discuss reliability and validity as it relates to your study.
Research Findings Describe the methods of data analysis. What were the findings of the study? Research Conclusions What did the study conclude? Were any limitations of the study identified? Discuss how the information provided in the article is useful in the topic you plan to study.

Should be more than 10 Pages. APA

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