The Main Challenges Of Education

Each question needs a response length of at least a minimum of 2 paragraphs
12-inch font, times new roman style, double spaced

1.) What are the main challenges of education?

2.) As you know since the pandemic college life has mainly switched to zoom and other video forums. What is your view on this? Do you feel education will get back to normal or continue in this new normal? Explain.

3.) Please comment on your view(s) on if there is significant discrimination in education against women and/or minorities, Thank you,

4.) Dreamers are children who came with their immigrant parents at a young age and now are in college. Many people argue children of illegal immigrants should get the same excellent education as everyone else; some people disagree with this notion. What is your view on educational rights for all versus education primarily for legal residents and citizens; do we all have the right to dream? Explain

5.) Based on your opinion, do you feel the government should mainly fund public education or equally divide the money 50% for public schools and 50% for tax breaks to help poorer and middle-class parents pay private school tuition? no right or wrong answer, just where your passion is.

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