The Importance Of Using A Human Rights Lens When Working With Families

Family Policy through a Human Rights Lens

Chapter 18 of your text reviewed social policies that focus on individuals and families across the domains of family formation and family care. It then analyzed family policy through a human rights lens and identified areas of injustice and inequality that families face. Finally, the chapter discussed the lack of access to healthcare that families encounter and addressed how it can impact resilience. Please use your readings and research peer-reviewed journal articles in the Purdue Global Library to support your post.

Please respond to the following:

Identify one social or family policy that directly impacts either family formation or family care, and then discuss this policy’s impact on family resilience.
Discuss the importance of using a human rights lens when working with families.
Then identify specific steps a human service professional can take to ensure their personal worldview does not interfere with ethical service delivery.
Using the NOHS standards, identify and briefly discuss two ethical standards that compel the human services profession to practice from a human rights perspective.

Textbook: Arditti, J. A. (2015). Family Problems: Stress, Risk, and Resilience. Wiley Blackwell.

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