The Implementation Process Of Technology

Technology Communication Plan
As a health care manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the implementation of new technology is well understood and training for the new technology use is communicated appropriately to staff and patients.
Complete the following sections based on the technology trend selected.
Write a summary of the technology to be implemented and its impact on the facility.
As you prepare your summary, consider your audience (staff and patients).
Explain the implementation process of the technology you selected in the health care setting.
Consider discussing the equipment that needs to be acquired (e.g., list equipment necessary for the clinic, staff, and patients).
Consider a possible timeline for implementation.
Consider basic standard operating procedures for your employees and stakeholders.
Analyze the security and privacy protocols when implementing the technology you selected in a facility.
As you analyze security and privacy protocols when implementing technology, consider all stakeholders who will be impacted.
Explain the roles and responsibilities of resources in the implementation process for the technology you selected.
Consider discussing the resources for staff and patients (e.g., useful resources (websites, articles) with information pertaining to the new technology).
Consider discussing the staff and patient training (e.g., consider communication to your stakeholders (staff and patients) and list the impact to their daily activities).
Cite 2 references to support your position.
Format your proposal according to APA guidelines.

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