The Impact Of The IT Revolution On The Poorest Countries

The response to each question should be a minimum 50 words each

1. Discuss the impact of the IT revolution on the poorest countries.

2. Select one country in each of the three stages of economic development. For each country, outline the basic existing marketing institutions and show how their stages of development differ. Explain why.

3. One of the ramifications of emerging markets is the creation of a middle class. Discuss.

4. Differentiate between a free trade area and a common market.
Explain the marketing implications of the differences.

5. Select any three countries that might have some logical basis for establishing a multinational market organization and illustrate their compatibility as a regional trade group. Identify the various problems that would be encountered in forming multinational market groups of such countries.

6. Why have African nations had such difficulty in forming effective economic unions?

7. Discuss the implications of the European Union’s decision to admit eastern European nations to the group.

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