The Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic in the Hospitality Industry


  • Clear structure needed: it must be obvious to the reader which literature positions belong to which objective(s)
  • How to arrange this chapter: it depends on the formulation of your objectives. The simplest structure: one main section per each objective”+ the last one for the Conceptual Framework:

2.1   Subtitle(s) based on Objective

2.2   Subtitle(s) based on Objective

2.3   Subtitle(s) based on Objective

2.4   Conceptual Framework

  • Label the particular section with meaningful and clear titles so it will be easy for the reader to identify which section presents Literature for which objective
  • On the particular section, further subsections (2.1.1, 2.1.2, etc.) can be added if needed

Chapter 2 LITERATURE REVIEW (2000-3000 words)

Identification of relevant literature for each objective (will be summarized on the Literature Synthesis), with emphasis on matching between the theories and concepts extracted from the academic sources on one side and the objectives set for the study on the other side (will be accentuated on the Conceptual Framework)

  • Critical revision of previous studies
  • Look for arguments pro and against models and theories presented (important why?)
  • Conceptual Framework: see examples on next slides
  • Literature Synthesis (to be presented in appendix): see examples on next slides

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