The Impact Of Brexit On The United Kingdom Financial Industry

Topic : The Impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom Financial Industry
The United Kingdom has long had one of the most vital financial sectors in the European Union. As a result, the country has consistently used this leverage to attract more investment into the country. However, following Brexit’s occurrence, the United Kingdom formally commenced the process of withdrawing from the European Union. That has led some to believe that the exit could have long-lasting consequences for its financial industry. The purpose of this paper will be to highlight research questions, management problems, and research problems related to this topic.

Research Problem : What is the effect of Brexit on the British financial sector.

-Specify British financial sector ( bank, central bank, money trading offices )
-Specify on what they doing, currency, trade, foreign direct investment, debt mortgages, stock market
-Management Problem : pick one bank what is the effect of Brexit on that bank

-2 sciefntic articles and make a summary about them

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