The Impact Of Attitudes And Behaviors On Employee Job Satisfaction

There is an increased focus in today’s global economy and business climate on understanding employee personality, moods, emotions, attitudes, behaviors, and their impact on organizations. Additionally, initiatives regarding talent acquisition have been encouraged to promote diversity in their hiring practices that would support a workforce and organizational culture that brings in rich experiences and backgrounds.

This phenomenon has focused on studying the impact of human behavior on organizations and how organizational practices, culture, and behaviors may impact the individual. Knowing the influence of an individual’s culture, personality, and behavior on organizational performance has led to the need to design more effective organizational processes and practices that impact employees to improve organizational performance.

As an HR professional, you have been asked to present at an upcoming event sponsored by your organization. The event’s focus is “The Employee Contributions: How the employee’s attitudes, personality, and behaviors impact organizational success.” Remember, you are not only an HR professional, but you are also representing your company. You can use any company to serve as a backdrop to address the following requirements for the presentation.

Create a presentation with speaker’s notes that:
Provides a title slide (1 Slide)
Provides an agenda (1 Slide)
Provides an introduction (1 Slide)
Examines personality characteristics and personal values for organizational fit (2-3 Slides)
How do these characteristics and values align with an organization?
Analyzes the influences of emotions and behaviors on work-related performance (1-2 Slides)
How will a person’s moods and emotions influence their behaviors in the workplace?
Summarizes the impact of attitudes and behaviors on employee job satisfaction (2-3 Slides)
Describe both the challenges and benefits to the organization.
Provides a conclusion (1 Slide)
Provides attribution for credible references used in the development of content ideas following academic guidelines in a reference slide (1 Slide)

Uses examples to support the understanding of concepts in a well-defined presentation
Contains presentation slides with only general information as a visual reference for the audience, and the speaker’s notes should include the details of each slide
As always, please keep in mind who your audience is and use correct grammar and spelling.

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