The Differences Between Forecasting And Warning

1. List all the natural hazardous processes in the area where you live. What is done? What is more to be done?
2. Construct a U.S. vulnerability map of natural hazards by state. (Hint: create a legend with different colors representing different hazards, and then color in the state with the most common hazard it experiences. You’ll probably have to do some internet research to find the data for this one.)
3. What is the difference between forecasting and warning?
4. Can humans eventually control the impact risks of natural hazards? Explain your rationale.
5. Develop a plan for your community to evaluate the risk of flooding. How would you go about determining an acceptable risk?
6. Do you agree or disagree that land use change in population increase are increasing the risk from natural processes? Develop a hypothesis and discuss how it might be tested

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