The Common KPIs And CSFs That IT Managers Use For Their IT Departments

KPIs or CSFs are measurable values that demonstrate how effective a company is at meeting key business objectives. Think of an area at your current employer (or a previous employer) that would benefit from utilizing metrics such as KPIs or CSFs. Research the benefit of using metrics such as KPIs or CSFs.

Create a 12- to 14-slide PowerPoint presentation that does the following:

Part 1:

• List 5 to 10 common KPIs and CSFs that IT managers use for their IT departments

Part 2:

• Provide a brief background of the company you selected

• Identify a business problem related to the IT department

• Recommend three to five metrics that would help the business gauge success

• Explain the meaning of each metric

• Explain why each metric will help the business or IT department determine success and can improve business decision-making in the long-term

• Discuss the impact the evolution of data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge have on the chosen organization

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