The Civil Rights Movement Essay

The Civil Rights Movement Essay

The Civil Rights Movement
Using the Internet, locate and read Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech given in Washington D.C., August 1963. Copy and paste the following keywords into your Google search bar: “I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr.” Feel free also to locate and incorporate additional scholarly sources to respond to this case study, including information on the Civil Rights Movement.
Construct the case study by responding to the following prompts:
• Explain if the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s effectively changed the nation.
• What effect would the Civil Rights Acts have across the continent on minority groups?
• Do you think that the tactics and strategies that civil rights activists used in the 1960s would apply to today’s racial and ethnic conflicts? Why or why not?
• Do the ideas of the 1960s still have relevance today? If so how? If not, why not?
• Analyze how the Civil Rights Movement would impact diversity in America today.
Writing Requirements (APA format)
• Length: 4-5 pages (not including title page and references page)
• 1-inch margins
• Double spaced
• 12-point Times New Roman font
• Title page
• References page
• In-text citations that correspond with your end reference
Textbook: Chapter 28, 29, 30 : OpenStax. (2019). U.S. history. OpenStax CNX. Retrieved from
Textbook: Chapter 28, 29, 30
Minimum of 1 primary source
Minimum of 4 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)

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