The Characteristics Of The Expository Form Of Communication

We will continue our way in reading and analyzing PART I of AOTD. As we proceed, try to hold in your mind what each chapter is focused on; it is to also very helpful to select and mark a few pages/passages that you think are central/important to the respective chapters and get at its main points (hint: these will be very helpful to have on hand for upcoming larger assignments).

NOTE:Upon completion of AOTD–Part One, there will follow Discussion activities, aiming at sharing thoughts/central ideas throughout the class.


  1. Describe and explain Postman’s three examples of “truth-telling” used to contrast oral communication versus typography.
  2. Find Postman’s THESIS rephrased on p.27


  1. Quote and explain three different examples of how typography was important in 18th & 19th century American


  1. Why does Postman include discussion of the Lincoln-Douglas debate? What is his point?
  2. What does Postman mean by “expository prose lifted from the page”? What are SEVEN characteristics of the expository form of communication?
  3. In your own words, what is the MAIN POINT of Ch. 4?

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