The Benefits Of Whole Foods Diets

Watch the documentary “Fork Over Knives” and answer the following questions;

1. How can nutrition optimize health, and treat and reverse chronic disease?

2. The film connects the dots between so many unsettling statistics. Which of the many statistics cited in the film startles you the most, and why?

3. What may keep persons who are aware of the film’s message from making changes to their diets?

4. According to the film, what are some of the benefits of a “Whole Foods Diets”?

5. Have you ever noticed a connection between the food you eat and the way you feel?

6. A ton of research and evidence has been gathered to support plant-based diets, but likewise, a ton of research and evidence has been gathered to support low-carb, high-fat and protein diets (often called “paleo” or LCHF). How do you reconcile these conflicting conclusions?

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