The Basic Differences Between Counseling Orientations

Imagine that you’ve been asked to complete a presentation to introduce new students to the basic differences between counseling orientations.
Create a 15-20-slide PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of each major theoretical branch of counseling and approaches within those branches.
Use the following guidelines to complete your presentation:

1. Include a title, introduction, conclusion, and reference slide. (4 slides minimum)

2. Provide an overview of each theoretical framework: psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and postmodern. Ensure that the reader can differentiate between these overarching theories. Consider, how does the theory conceptualize the problem and how does that lead to a solution. (4 slides minimum)

3. Discuss at least two theories/approaches and two therapeutic techniques representative of each of the four theoretical frameworks. For example, under the existential-humanistic branch you may choose to discuss Gestalt therapy and person-centered therapy. Within Gestalt you may define and demonstrate an example of “using now language” and “empty-chair” technique. (8 slides minimum)

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