The Attributes Needed To Become A Competent Health Psychologist

In 2,300-2,500-words, describe the attributes needed to become a competent health psychologist. Consider including information on counseling techniques, necessary personal characteristics, professional ethics, knowledge of health care and treatment methods, etc. Your answers should show an understanding of the future of health psychology.
Discuss the experience of a patient in the health care system.
Choose a specific health issue and then discuss the challenges patients with this health issue face when trying to:
Form relationships with their health care providers
Navigate the health care system
Gain information about their health
Adhere to treatment.
Discuss why the attributes you suggested are important. How will these attributes help you to become a successful professional in the field?
Recommend what health psychologists can do to improve patient experiences in any of these areas.
Use six to ten scholarly resources to support your explanations.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA 7th Style Guide,

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