The article by Baglivio, Wolff & Piquero (2017) (in this Unit’s Readings) focuse

The article by Baglivio, Wolff & Piquero (2017) (in this Unit’s Readings) focuses
on the antisocial behaviors of juveniles due to diminished executive
functioning levels and the need for effective intervention services. The
article examines over 11,000 juvenile offenders to present a solid
glimpse into this major area of concern for this population. Reading
through and understanding the need for additional resources in this area
will establish a solid foundation into forensic psychology.
through the article and create a thoughtful factual analysis connecting
to the specific research data gained from the article. Be sure to
address specific factual points within your analysis, use your textbook
for connections and your last paragraph should be your personal view
with newly gained insight into the discussion of juvenile recidivism.
Create your response in a word document with a minimum word count of
550. Be sure to cite in text with your factual points and include your
references at the end of your response. This should be completed in APA

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