The advent of biosimilars for oncology Assignment


The advent of biosimilars for oncology Assignment

PLEASE Follow the direction closely!!! and espcially the word count

The advent of biosimilars for oncology (and supportive) agents like trastuzumab, rituximab, pegfilgrastim to name a few present a cost-containment opportunity for payers and patients.

The health plan you work for is interested in adopting a biosimilar-preferred strategy. You have been tasked to prepare a report discussing the following:

Identify the challenges associated with this strategy.
Develop an implementation plan to minimize disruption (patient and provider).
Explore literature to identify problems/solutions adopted by other health plans and its associated outcomes.
You will prepare 2 deliverables highlighting the items discussed above. These deliverables include:

Executive Summary (no more than 250 words)
Implementation Strategy:
In bullet points
3-5 bullets and no more than 5 sub-bullets
Be brief and to the point
Include at least 2 scientific references (peer-reviewed) from your literature search

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