The Additive Effects Of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Choose one (you don’t have to respond to more than one) of the following four topics, do some research, and write a three to five paragraphs on the topic you chose. It is not expected that the discussion assignment to ever exceed one page in length, but it should be at least 250 words in length (or points will be deducted).

Why do we seem to prefer stage theories versus contiguous theories for explaining human development?
How might the question of nature versus nurture be misleading?
How do the additive effects of adverse childhood experiences impact the developing brain?
Why is it important to conduct research on infants and children? What special ethical considerations must researchers consider when doing so?

FIRST POST. Create an original post based on the questions. Be sure to include concepts, ideas or facts from the reading and media. State, explain, and respond to that information in your own words (250 or more word minimum). Use specific information to show you read it and show depth of understanding. Quality of thought is important. Five (5) points possible.

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