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. Analysing the assignment Due date: 5 pm Friday, 5th October (Week 7) Weighting: 20% Length: 1800 words +/- 10% (excluding references & appendices) This assignment is an individual essay that is related to a particular reading which has been provided: “Corporate Collapses in Australia: case of Harris Scarfe”. However you will be expected to read more broadly than just this journal article and your textbook. What do you have to do?

1. Discuss 3 audit issues

2. Critically discuss the relevance (if any) of the developments following Harris Scarfe to Australian auditors Style & Format It must be written in Word, size 12 Times Roman font and be double spaced with a left margin of 2 cm. You must submit a signed cover sheet. You must use UOW Harvard citation system (referencing) Turnitin You must submit a Turnitin originality report Submit your essay via the essay submission link on Moodle. when you finish the assignment, you should highlight 12 references by red color ( academic journal) and 2 references (newspaper or magazine) yellow color

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