Supreme Court Case- Brown v Board of Education of Topeka

Your senior project will consist of a three page paper written in Times New Roman with 12 Font.
-Each paragraph will be a minimum of five sentences and no more than eight sentences long.
-You will have an introduction paragraph and a summary paragraph.
-Your name, date, class title will be in the upper left corner of the paper, with your title centered on the page and double
spaced from your first paragraph.
-When citing sources you must have a fourth page with Resources centered in the middle of the page, and it must be
according to MLA.
-You will choose one of the Supreme Court Cases and analyze it by using the following questions;
a. Who, is the case talking about (North vs. South, entire population, immigrants, etc.)?
b. What, is the case focused on (Voters rights, Black education, entire population, etc.)?
c. Why, is the case so important to the American people and our way of life, i.e. did it change anything significant?
d. When, was the case tried, and by whom, and did it change the way Americans thought at the time?
e. Where, do you stand on the decision made by the Court (For it, against it, should it be changed, etc.)?
f.  How, did this case affect the population in America (For it, against it, it did not change the status quo of the
population, etc.)?


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