Summary and evaluate

Topic and a brief summary with analytical elements (1-1.5 pages)

  Reference to the source/author; genre; purpose
  Main ideas are accurately presented (author’s points, not yours!); what the author does with the text is
  Recommended length: 8-12 sentences
  Errors do not impede comprehension

Evaluate content and language of the text: 1.5- 2.5pages

What is the most impressive or compelling argument/evidence in this reading?
  Is the presented evidence clear, sufficient, & relevant?
  How important are the issues discussed in the text?
  To make your analysis more compelling, select a quotation that catches your attention; explain its
meaning/implication and importance
  What is the author’s stance? How did you come to this conclusion? How does the author make use of the
language in the text?
  What is the language of the text like?
  What do you agree or disagree with? 

   Lexical items (8 pts) 0.5 page

  8 items explained in your own words
  Meaning in context is addressed (e.g., specific connotations, metaphorical use, serves specific purposes)

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