Socrates and Argumentative Essay

Socrates and Argumentative Essay

This is an argumentative essay, rely on your textbook (“The Great Conversation, 8th Edition, by Norman
Melchert from Oxford University). Do not use outside resources, except as background supplementing your
understanding of the material. Address Socrates’s philosophical arguments in responding to the following
Imagine that you are a member of the Athenian jury hearing the case of Socrates: how would you vote? Why?
In your essay, focus on the quality of Socrates’s arguments.
Spelling and grammar are important, so edit your essay before you submit it. Do not plagiarize. Properly
identify your sources.
Support your answer with good reasons and use relevant terminology correctly–show me you know what you
are talking about! Make a good argument!
Follow the guidelines in the appendix and the rubric. The particular answer is entirely up to you. You will be
graded on (1)how well you demonstrate an understanding of the relevant philosophical concepts, (2)how well
you reason, and (3)how well you write.
Use this Basic Essay Structure:
Introduction: Be succinct (no more than one paragraph), but include the following
Thesis Statement- one sentence underlined (the claim to be supported)
Plan for the paper-no more than one sentence, NOT required
Argument supporting the thesis: this is where you provide reasons and explanations that support your thesis
(i.e., this is where you develop your premises)
Assessment of objections: This is where you address objections and counterarguments to the argument you
are making in the essay.
Conclusion: Here is where you summarize your argument.
To get the best grade, put in your best work: think, read, outline, revise, revise, and revise

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