Smith (2011) explains that to fully live and embrace what God has called us to be, we must know ourselves

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    Smith (2011) explains that to fully live and embrace what God has called us to be, we must know ourselves. If you have not already done so, complete the following quizzes to help understand yourself better:

    Then create your initial post in this discussion forum that answers the following questions:

    • What is your personality type, and what evidence do you see of your type in your daily life (i.e., personal, professional, or spiritual life)?
    • What is one of your fears or challenges regarding starting or returning to college to complete a degree?
    • How does your personality type influence how you approach this fear or challenge?
    • How can you demonstrate and build resilience that will help you persist and overcome this fear or challenge? (Tip: Review and refer to ideas from Chapter 10 in Courage and Calling.)
  • Assignment

    Session 2 Feedback Review

    As explained in Session 1’s Writing Assessment assignment, rubrics are used by instructors to grade assignments and should be reviewed before submitting an assignment in Blackboard to confirm that you have met all assignment criteria. The rubric should also be reviewed after an assignment has been graded in order to receive instructor feedback. The feedback may be given through selected levels of achievement for each criterion on the rubric, as a summary comment, and/or through annotations within your assignment itself. This feedback is intended to guide your work on subsequent assignments, to address assignment concerns, and to encourage growth and improvement.Access and review the rubric and feedback for your graded Session 1 Writing Assessment through the Due Dates and Grades link in the left-hand sidebar of the course. (Review the Review Submission History tutorial for tips on how to access the rubric and feedback.) Take note of the feedback provided.Based on the feedback received, write a one-paragraph summary of areas in which you can improve in your next written assignment and the importance of applying feedback in future assignments. Your paragraph must be:

    • Written using well-constructed sentences, accurate grammar, and correct spelling.
    • Titled with your full name, the name of the assignment, and the date.
    • Typewritten in Microsoft Word and saved with a file name that includes your last name, the session number, and the assignment title (e.g., “Johnson.Session2.Feedback Review”).

    Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades to confirm you have met all assignment requirements. Then click on the Session 2 Feedback Review link to submit your assignment as an attachment by the posted due date. Do not use the “Write Submission” button in Blackboard. Review the Submitting Assignments tutorial for specific instructions.

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