Signs Of Respiratory Distress

PEDIATRIC – Cardiovascular and Respiratory assessment & Concept Map


  • What is systole & What is diastole
  • What is the Mean Arterial pressure (MAP); give an example of how you will calculate a MAP for a 9-year-old child – show your work
  • What does S1 stands for
  • What does S2 stands for
  • Where is S3 and S4 and where are they best heard
  • Development a concept map of a patient presenting with TACHYCARDIA


  • What were the terminologies discussed in this video?
  • What were the steps in physical exam?
  • Name 4 signs of respiratory distress discussed in this video
  • Develop a concept map on a patient presenting with HYPOXIA


Write a 3–5-page paper on both cardiovascular assessment and respiratory assessment based on above videos – use the questions to guide your paper.

APA format should be used for this paper

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